The Christopher House

Comprised of a board of directors representing:
St. Jerome Church, Knights of Columbus, Local churches in the immediate area

Name Origination:
St. Christopher - protector, provides safety
Knights of Columbus - Christopher Columbus
Christopher Chapman - deceased descendant of Paul Carrico family

Convenient to amenities such as church, school, recreation area, shopping, etc.

HUD - provided construction funds
Medicaid/Social Security - provides rent, therapy, transportation, etc., 
Individuals, Businesses, Churches and Organizations - provides personal items

Four Rivers Mental Health - Paducah, Kentucky

Full-time, live-in house manager and part time relief staff

3 special needs adults, 18 years or older with marginal level of functioning.  These clients will assist in house cleaning, preparing meals, cleaning dishes, and other chores.  They will also continue their current daytime duties/activities such as JU Kevil Workshop, Easter Seal Workshop, etc.

Local Contacts:
Mark and Lori Wilson 270-623-6768
St. Jerome Church 270-623-8181

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