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St. Jerome 1909

St. Jerome's Catholic Complex Approved to National Register of Historic Places
November 2013
West Kentucky Catholic 
Submitted by John W. Carrico, Member St. Jerome Renovation Committee and Chairman of St. Jerome Finance Committee

St. Jerome Church in Fancy Farm and the St. Jerome School., along with the rectory, cemetery, picnic grounds, agriculture shop, former high school, junior high and cafeteria, have been approved by the Kentucky Heritage Preservation Review Board to be nominated to National Register of Historic Places.  The application was approved on September 25 and will now be submitted to the National Park Service in Washington, DC for their final approval, which should occur within 60 - 90 days.

On August 3rd, the date of the 133rd St. Jerome Fancy Farm Picnic, the second phase of renovation work at St. Jerome School was dedicated with a ribbon cutting, before the official start of the picnic.  Members of the renovation committee, John Carrico, Andy Elliott, Gayla Elliott, Billy Higdon, Father David Willett, Denis Wilson, along with donors and other supporters, watched as Father Darrell Venters, Pastor of St. Jerome Church at Fancy Farm, cut the ribbon on the steps of the school to dedicate the newly renovated facility.  Sisters of Charity of Nazareth nuns Sister Rachael Willett and Sister Dorothy Wilson were on hand to greet visitors and assist with tours.  During the day over 500 people toured and visited the school and remarked at how wonderful the renovated rooms looked and the school memories that came flooding back to them while going through the school.  Pictures of past senior classes adorned the hallway and inside the reference library room, while the old second grade classroom provided a view of old desks, flags, maps, old school pictures, the ABCs on a green background, and a nun mannequin in full black and white habit by the teacher's desk ready to begin class for the day.  Donor plaques and pictures of Father Charles Haeseley, who had St. Jerome School built in 1909, along with St. Jerome, a scholar and translator of the Bible, also greeted visitors as they came through the front entrance.  Along the left side of the hallway pictures of previous pastors at St. Jerome Church and Sisters of Charity of Nazareth hang as a testament to the enduring facility built by our ancestors over 100 years ago.  Thanks go out to our many financial supporters and donors, those who worked on the renovation and donated their time and talent so generously, and the contractors who assisted in the renovation.  Planning on Phase 3 of the project has already started.

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