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"The Annual Picnic at Fancy Farm"
By Mrs. Robert L. Spalding

In the Mayfield Monitor of July 31, 1880, there appeared the following notice: “There will be a barn dance, picnic and ‘gander pulling’ at Fancy Farm next Thursday. Those that have never seen the latter should turn out on this occasion. It will be interesting.”

For years the picnic was held, according to the notes of Mrs. Pearle Curtsinger, who received most of her information from her father, Lyndal Willett, “down by the creek,” where the water was clean and clear and the trees gave abundant shade for a nice summer get-together. The men pitched horseshoes or played baseball with stout sticks and a rag ball, while the girls and women visited with each other and caught up on the news. There were many games played for prizes.

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Travels Through Kentucky History"
Data Courier, Inc. and The Courier-Journal
Louisville, Kentucky, 1976, p. 79
In what is commonly referred to as the “good old days,” politicians would climb aboard a flatbed truck decorated with red, white, and blue bunting and would deliver the kind of rousing campaign speeches that would send the crowd into torrents of either festive hurrahs or surly boos and hisses. That tradition has died in most of the country. But not in the tiny Western Kentucky crossroads town of Fancy Farm, which comes alive with an old-fashioned political picnic on the first Saturday in August...

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"Happy Days Date to '31"
The Paducah Sun

Paducah, Kentucky
August 1, 1980

Former Kentucky Gov. A.B. (Happy) Chandler believes he played an important role in making the Fancy Farm Picnic the important statewide political event it is today.

“I guess I was one of the first candidates for statewide office to ever go to Fancy Farm.” Chandler said in a recent telephone interview. “I ended my 1931 campaign for lieutenant governor down there. I won that election and thought Fancy Farm was good luck, so I kept going back.”...

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